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.......& she wept

22 November
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akercocke, alex chandon, all-night conversations, anathema, anna gaskell, arch enemy, art, ball gowns, bass guitar, bassists, bathory, behemoth, bipolar disorder, black & white photography, black metal, bleeding, books, boots, borknager, bride of chucky, burzum, camden town, candlelight, candles, cannibal corpse, carnal forge, carpathian forest, cephalic carnage, children of bodom, childs play, computers, computing, corsets, cradle of fear, cradle of filth, daisy chainsaw, dani filth, dark tranquillity, darkening, darkest hour, darkroom photography, darkthrone, david bowie, death, death metal, deeds of flesh, deicide, dimmu borgir, dolls, doom metal, doug bradley, draconian order, dreembreed, dvds, dying fetus, emperor, ensiferum, evil dead, extreme noise terror, feathers, flowers, folk metal, forests, frazer lee, gandalf, gillian wearing, gorgoroth, goth, gothic culture, h.r. giger, heavy metal, hecate enthroned, hellraiser, horror, html, iced earth, immolation, immortal, incantation, jason mendonca, judas iscariot, katie jane garside, leviathan, living with eating disorders, long hair, love, lucifer, lwed, make-up, manners, marquis de sade, mayhem, melodic death metal, mental illness, meshuggah, metal, metal guys, metal heads, metallica, morbid angel, music, my dying bride, napalm death, necrophagia, necrophagist, neurosis, nile, opeth, passion, peter beste, peter theobalds, petticoats, photography, piercings, pinhead, plague ridden, power metal, queen adreena, rain, rasputina, respect, rocky horror picture show, rotting christ, salo, satan, sepia photos, sex, sleeping, spikes, storms, striped tights, tea, the crow, the labyrinth, thedarkproject, thrash metal, thunderstorms, torbjorn rodland, trees, tutus, unsilence, vader, vampire culture, vehemence, victorian fashion, whiskey, whisky, wintersun, zyklon,